IndusViva provides a rich soil for the growth and development of each child. I write to applaud the tremendous effort that has been going into the various aspects of coordination of so many activities that are currently happening in school. Truly amazing, Kudos to the entire team and all good wishes.

Mr and Mrs Vijay

My interaction with Indus Viva started when I approached them for finding a solution to the deteriorating self confidence in my son. In a short period of time, Dr. Sundari Gandhi could identify the root cause to be bullying by fellow students in the school. What followed was a structured approach to overcome the challenge and build confidence in the child. The approach required intervention by parents and was ably guided and supported by the center’s team of therapists. The superb and positive environment at the center makes both the counselee and the parents feel completely at ease. The expertise of the counsellors, their long and varied experience ensures that the results are produced. Today, I can proudly say that my son has regained his mojo and is back to his chirpy best. I couldn’t thank the center and the wonderful people running it enough and also wish them the best to make this world a better place.


I’m Jithy Abhilash mother of Ann Teresa and Joan Arc. My daughters’ are attending Trio Word Academy, Grade -2 and Nursery respectively. They have been undergoing Cognitive and Speech therapy respectively in your esteemed institute. Here is my experience……

Ann has a twin sister Nora Susan. Nora is so studious and she use to pull the legs of Ann which eventually destroyed her confidence in academics. But after enrolling her in IndusViva we could clearly see her self-confidence, concentration and memory have gone up tremendously and in the last school exam she has done ahead of Nora. I am extremely happy with this progress.Joan had speech delay. Even after turning 3 she couldn’t speak at least one language properly. Today she is able to communicate properly in 3 languages. This is a miraculous work done by your institute.

Jithy Abhilash

Patient's Feedback

Parent's Feedback

For Sai bhuvanesh, Age 11 years,. 

We came to Indusviva recommended by Dr Rajesh Iyer from Vikram hospital, my son has delay in speech & delay in growth. We started taking special classes from Indusviva, now he is improving, I am very much satisfied & happy to share about my son’s development by Indusviva services. I am getting good support from Indusviva team. 

Also I am very happy to say thanks to Sundari Ma’am & Saniya ma’am for giving their good support for my son’s development.

Parent of Sai Bhuvanesh

I really appreciate IndusViva team and their hardwork. My son Mohammed Mehdi has improved a lot after joining Indusviva. They take care of kids with love and humbleness. One thing I admire about them is they complete their goal with lots of hardwork and efforts. 

They are doing a great job. I really thank them for all that they are doing for my Kid. 

Thanks a lot for your care and love. Thankyou.

Parents of Mohammed Mehdi Badami.

Hi, I am Vidya, mother to a 11 year old , beautiful child with cerebral palsy, auditory neuropathy and mild autism. Our journey with IndusViva began in 2020 and I have not looked beyond this community since. I love this safe, vibrant environment for my daughter. This school provides all the help that special needs children need under one roof. My daughter has physiotherapy, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, all individual sessions and she also has group play time. The infrastructure is very good. The therapists are thorough professionals, among the best and are wonderfully patient, kind and friendly.  Even during the lockdowns, they managed as well as could be online and with home visits. It was because of their continued guidance, I could help my daughter at home. Without their support during that time, my daughter would have regressed badly. 

My heartfelt gratitude to the director Dr. Sundari Gandhi and her team.  Also a big salute to Mr. Anzar and Mr. Abhilash for not just starting this school but also supporting it personally with so much love, dedication and generosity. 

Thank you Team IndusViva. Love and gratitude.


I’am Parent of Nitya Vishnu Mohan. 

Indusviva stands out for its concern to our kids & homely & child friendly environment which helps our children learn without stress & achieve their true potential.

The Staff are well qualified, experienced & empathetic towards kids. The Center is well equipped with relevant learning materials & hygienically maintained.

Thanks to the Pandemic, we experienced both, Direct & Online classes at Indusviva, although we could visit the center for about 3 months. 

As Covid lockdowns began, the Center was proactive &offered Online classes in all therapies to children & these too, were conducted very professionally 👍

Many Thanks to Indusviva for being a beacon of hope & happiness to our children👏

Srini Vishnu Mohan


Indus Viva School & Early Learning Centre is a non-profit initiative by the Indus Viva Educational Trust. This learning space provides a stimulating environment for gifted children to meet their physical, mental, behavioural, emotional and educational needs.

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