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  • Personal care on each kid.
  • CCTV Marketing.
  • Child safe furniture & Interiors.
  • First aid kids & emergency services.</li

  • Intervention

  • Physical Disorder.
  • Emotional/Behavioural Disorder.
  • Developmental Disorder.
  • Sensory Disorder.
  • Why Choose Us

    We give your child better values

    Health & Hygiene

  • Health assessment by expert pediatricians.
  • 100% Non-toxic & safe things.
  • Sanitised Toilets.
  • Hygienic premises with fumigation & pest control.
  • Learning

  • Building Brain Power.
  • Communication Progress.
  • Developing Life skills.
  • Growing a healthy body.
  • Nurturing creativity.
  • What We Do

    IndusViva focuses on a holistic approach to all the developmental concerns. We are committed to providing a structured, stimulating and enriching environment focusing on all areas of development.We recognise the importance of early intervention in the first few years of a child’s life, this lays a foundation in childhood and beyond for cognitive functioning; behavioural, social, and self-regulatory capacities; and physical health. Identification of any developmental delay concerns and addressing those concerns with the appropriate Early Intervention therapies, such as Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Special Education will enable the child to reach their full potential. At IndusViva, we pride ourselves on Early Intervention programs that work with your child to provide personalized care that supports them as well as the whole family.

    “While others may tell you what your child can’t do. We believe in helping them show you what they can do!!”


    Indus Viva School & Early Learning Centre is a non-profit initiative by the Indus Viva Educational Trust. This learning space provides a stimulating environment for gifted children to meet their physical, mental, behavioural, emotional and educational needs.

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